About us

iCT4 have been providing ICT services to schools since 2002. Originally formed as part of the Cornwall Council Learning Partnership we are now a limited company covering all of the UK.

Our mission statement: 

We deliver full service IT solutions to the education, business and charity sectors.  We provide our customers with the IT solutions they need to succeed, coupled with great value and outstanding customer service.


Why choose iCT4?

We work collaboratively with our customers to provide appropriate, flexible and dependable IT services and solutions. We are experts and passionate in all that we do.

Our tone of voice

At iCT4, we prefer to keep things simple.  As a result, we believe we should be as transparent as possible about the way we write and communicate – so here it is… open to the world!

Communicating effectively

IT services are naturally a highly-technical world, but the whole reason for working with someone like us is to keep things simple.  As a result, we promise we wont baffle you with ‘techie-speak’ (or at least we’ll explain it when we do)!  Our aim is to make our conversations with you as clear as possible and every time we contact you, we want it to be worthwhile!


Keeping it simple

  • We’re positive!  If there’s a problem, we commit to bring you a solution and helping you through what might be a challenging time with easy-to-understand communications and transparent actions
  • We’ll talk to you as humans – we use the same language you do and minimise the technical ‘stuff’ wherever possible.  If it can’t be avoided, we’ll take time to explain ourselves so that everyone understands what’s happening.
  • We’re open and inclusive – we aim to remove the ‘grey areas’ when it comes to working with ICT and avoid woolly language, often leading to a lack of clarity.



So, let’s say you tell us ‘the internet is slow’ – as technical people, our minds turn to a networking issue and quickly we’re in a very technical world.  We’ll aim to avoid the technical language where possible and help out users in language they understand.  We commit to making it as a easy as possible for you to talk to us to work through a problem together.

We can’t help it – we’re enthusiastic!

We love working with our customers, and we love technology (isn’t that handy?) – as a result, forgive us if you get the occasional exclamation mark, or perhaps even an emoji  Thumbs_Up_Hand_Sign_Emoji_60x60.png.  We’ll ensure we act and communicate appropriately and that our language is tailored to our audience, we think that’s the fairest way to make people happy. Smiling_Face_Emoji_Icon.png

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We’d love to hear from you and talk further about how iCT4 can help your school or business – please use the form to submit a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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