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At iCT4 we consider connectivity only part of the solution - anyone can supply a cheap broadband connection, but we focus on what matters: performance, security and value.

Using our partnerships, developed with some of the leading names in the industry we are able to offer:

  • Flexible connectivity
    • FTTC and FTTP Broadband - Ideal for SMEs and value-concsious customers who seek a fast connection at an affordable price

    • Leased Lines - Dedicated fibre connections for organisations that rely on fast connection speeds with no contention.  Guaranteed speed and reliability at a price that's better value than ever
    • SD WAN - Sometimes referred to as 'Private Area Network' and deasigned to connect multiple sites over flexible, affordable low-cost links.   Perfect for multi-tenant organisations such as SMEs with multiple sites, larger businesses with regional offfices and Multi Academy Trusts with a number of schools wishing to collaborate
  • Enterprise-grade hardware, offering:
    • Full DPI SSL inspection of HTTPS sites
    • SSL VPN licensing to allow secure connections to on-premise resources when accessed away from the network
    • Cloud-based Sandbox for protection against 'Zero Day' threats
    • Gateway Antivirus and Anti-Malware to protect your network at the perimter
    • Full Intrusion Prevention to protect both LAN and WAN side of the firewall
  • Optional reporting services allowing a 'deep dive' into network activity, user activity and bandwidth consumption


All of our services are backed by our Cornwall-based Helpdesk


Education Customers


Broadband designed for education.

iCT4 are delighted to offer our bespoke  package of connectivity, content filtering, UTM (Unified Threat Management) router/firewall and cloud migration, 'Superfast Schools'.

Using the latest superfast fibre technology (where available) to deliver reliable, scalable broadband, Superfast Schools has a connection to suit every budget, school size and technical requirements.

Our service is safe and secure thanks to enterprise-grade firewall solutions and user-specific content filtering, ensuring that different filter rules can apply to different age ranges, opening up the best of the internet to help support teaching and learning.  Our powerful cloud-based sandbox technology offers protection against both known and 'zero day' threats, detonating them away from your network prior to delivering a verdict on their safety and delivering to the end user only when passed as 'clean',

With Superfast Schools you get as much control as you want - our filtering system is easy to use and full training can be given to on-site staff. We're happy to make any changes on your behalf and we're constantly updating our filtering rules to ensure students are kept safe on the internet.

For schools with dedicated on-site ICT support we're happy to jointly managed your router/firewall, ensuring your network is totally under your control - no restrictions on the amount of IP addresses and full support for VLANs

To learn more about how Superfast Schools can transform your internet access, please see our dedicated Superfast Schools microsite by clicking the logo below to visit www.superfastschools.co.uk

“iCT4 have helped us to develop our ICT strategy through identifying trends, sourcing suitable suppliers and recommending cost effective solutions that offer longevity and an opportunity to broaden horizons.”



Flexible Connectivity



Enterprise-grade Security


In-depth Reporting & Analysis

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