Cloud Services

For many schools, the Cloud can offer opportunities to reduce costs and enable access to services from any device, any time, anywhere!

As with all technology services, it’s important to consider the educational context, security aspects and service levels associated with Cloud-based products. We’re experts in migrating services to the Cloud, offering Office 365 and Google Apps for Education migration both as a standard part of our Superfast Schools broadband connectivity package and also as a standalone option.

For schools interested in using the power and convenience of the Cloud to securely store their data, iCT4 also provide our Cloud Backup Service - protecting your valuable information in our secure off-site datacenters, with full encryption from the moment it leaves your school. It's great value and fully managed so any issues requiring intervention are dealt with automatically, meaning you can rely on your backup to be there should you need it.

We specialise in the following cloud services:


Cloud Alternatives

For schools that decide the Cloud is not for them, we also recommend products to essentially create your own. This allows remote connection into your network to store and access files, even from iPads – contact us to discuss the options and help us identify the correct solution for you!

“We now have built a robust base to extend from try new initiatives and ideas.”


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