Working with you to plan, develop and implement your ongoing school improvement plan

With technology being such an integral part of our lives, it’s important not to view it in isolation – a well-implemented improvement plan should use technology to enhance Teaching and Learning, streamline and simplify school administration and allow flexible, reliable access to resources whenever they are needed.

iCT4 will work with you to help create this plan, tying it into your School Improvement Plan or School Development Plan to ensure that any capital expenditure is justified and maximum value for money delivered. Our consultancy service is included as standard for SLA customers and schools are encouraged to meet with us regularly to review their technical offering – a maintenance plan is created that monitors the age and efficiency of all hardware and software, reducing the chances of nasty surprises and out-of-budget expenditure.


"iCT4 have been fantastic and having ex-teacher’s on the team mean they understands our needs completely."


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