Cookie Policy

How we use cookies on our website

A cookie is a small file containing text and numbers generated by a website and can be stored and accessed via your web browser back to our website when you revisit the site.

Our website makes use of 'cookies' (ones which are stored on your hard drive and typically expire after a set amount of time) and a number of 'session cookies' (these automatically vanish when you close your browser) to provide required functionality such as the ability to log-in to your account, to use our shopping cart and to use our live chat widget.

These cookies are non-intrusive ie. they don't store any of your personal information and are not used for tracking purposes. Blocking these cookies will remove significant functionality from our website and will stop you from creating or logging into an account on our website and from shopping with us.

We also use Google's Analytics service (used by millions of websites) to provide us with our website hit statistics - this requires the use of some Google cookies but these do not store any personal data. The cookies are as follows:-

  • __utma - expires after 2 years
  • __utmb - expires after 30 minutes
  • __utmc - expires when your browser session ends
  • __utmz - expires after 6 months

For detailed information about how Google's analytics service uses cookies, please go here.

Should you wish to, you can execute complete control over how your web browser deals with cookies including deleting them and blocking them. You should refer to your web browser's settings and help for further information about this.

Our chat widget (available on some pages, but not site wide) uses the following cookies:

  • pubsub_cookie

  • hop-{{webchat_token}}

  • {{webchat_token}}

  • {{webchat_token}}_{{siteId}}

Our helpdesk plugin (available on some pages, but not site wide) uses the following cookies:

  • fw_fr

  • fw_flu

  • fw_vi

  • fw_sq

  • first_session

By continuing to use our website, you are consenting that you understand and accept our use of cookies.


Updated 2nd April 2020